Dog names

Dog names - Puppy names - How to make the right choice?

It is not always an easy task to choose a nice name for your puppy. The dog name could influence its behavior in a positive way. The name of your dog is a very personal choice. Keep in mind that you will pronounce it for the next 10 to 15 years, so it is interesting to choose a dog name that will please you - and him - so he will be happy to respond.

Many people look for names that reflect their own expectations rather than the personality of their dog. Preserve dignity above all, avoid ridiculous nicknames or names that are too aggressive. Choose a name that your dog has no problem with. A name with three syllables or more may be a little too complicated. You should also avoid giving a name that evokes an order, as "Juno", which can easily be confused with "no" for instance.

Observe your dog attentively, it should give you ideas. Most dogs do not hear the sound "s" and also your dog may have a hesitant attitude triggered by a ridiculous name. To be original, you can choose a name that have its own spelling. In fact, a dog name can be broken down into many versions. When choosing a name, however, remember that you - the master - must remain the leader of the pack and command respect.