How to choose the right dog breed: The Basset Hound

If you must find a dog that is not active, excitable or aggressive, the Basset Hound could be ideal for you. Bassets have the reputation of being a supercalm breed, and they scored the lowest of all breeds on ranking for general activity. This ranking does not come without compromises in other areas however.

The basset has the lowest score of all breeds on ease of housebreaking. This does not necessarily mean that you will forever have a soiled carpet, though, for all dogs have the potential for being housetrained. But more patience and attention to housebreaking technique will probably be required with the Basset than with breeds that rank higher on ease of housebreaking.

The Basset Hound also scored lowest of all breeds on territorial defense. Very low overall reactivity, as with the Basset, usually means that the dog does not take well to a lot of affection, and, as this breed's profile shows, you can't expect a breed that is low on aggression to be an outstanding protector of home and property.

If you wanted to increase the tendencies toward general activity and territorial defense of Basset Hounds, you could select a male. On the other hand, a female might well be easier to train and housebreak. A promising strategy for choosing a breed to moderate the Basset's lowest rankings would be to consider similar breeds that are stronger in those traits. If you'd like a higher level of ease of training, for example, look at the Bloodhound or the Norwegian Elkhound. If you want more action, the Old English Sheepdog is a possibility.

The Basset Hound:

Weight: 50 lbs
Height: 14 in.
Build: Strong
Coat: Short.
Color: Tan, black and white.

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