Dog illness symptoms - Canine illnesses signs

Dog illnesses symptoms and signs

This site covers dog illness symptoms and collects canine illnesses conditions and treatment to help owners to recognize their dogs' illness symptoms and common dog health clinical signs.

Most likely, dogs fall sick during their lifetime so it is very important to know how to spot your dog illness symptoms and provide them with the right treatment.

Pay attention to your animal; any radical changes lately? You will spot your dog’s illness symptoms by noting any important changes in your dog's behavior. Does your dog seem depressed and disoriented? Does your dog eat less than ordinary? Does your dog seem quiet? Has it been aggressive? Usually, these are dog illness symptoms and it could be the time to visit a pet health professional.

Your animal may be ill if its feces and urine have changed in color and/or discharge. Several causes may be present here: urinary tract infections (UTI) , poisoning, allergies, cancer, etc. If your dog has diarrhea and/or is vomiting frequently, it can be an indication of illnesses including liver disease, parasites, infections, allergies among others disorders. Another good indicator of dog illness symptoms is the animal's skin and coat. If your dog frequently licks or scratches, and if its coat has lost its luster, that could be other dog illnesses symptoms. It is also important to check your dog's ears; any discharge, bad odor, parasites? What about the nose? A healthy nose is cold and wet.

The sections on the right will help you to spot your dog's illness symptoms. It contains great information regarding diagnosis, signs of dog illnesses and treatment plans.