How to choose the right dog breed: The Akita

If you'd like a large, tranquil guard dog that is somewhat unusual, consider an Akita. You can count on effective guarding by the Akita without having to suffer constant barking or challenges to your authority - one of the top few dogs on territorial defense, it ranked only medium in both dominance over owner and watchdog barking. The Akita's high rankings on aggression and obedience training are balanced by low ranks on the reactivity traits and destructiveness, unlike the somewhat similar German Shepherd. The Akita falls within the lowest few breeds on excessive barking, demand for affection, and destructiveness.

Perhaps you're a fairly small person who prefers not to risk getting a dog that might surpass you in body weight, but you're impressed by the behavioral profile of the Akita. You can get somewhat a smaller and less aggressive dog by selecting a female Akita. And if size is no issue, you can consider the remarkably similar profile and somewhat larger body of the Rottweiler. Both of these breeds have a manageably low ranking on snapping at children. To achieve reliable good behavior from the Akita requires conscientious obedience training, which should be rewarding, since it ranks high on acceptance of training. Your respect for the importance of providing discipline and some exercise may well be enhanced by the impressive size of this breed.

If you're willing to provide daily outdoor exercise for an Akita, you would not necessarily be foolhardy to consider having one in a tiny appartment. Its low rankings on excitability, general activity, and destructiveness make it a feasible candidate for small quarters, despite its large body size.

The Akita:

Weight: 85 lbs
Height: 26 in.
Build: Sturdy
Coat: Short, thick; odorless, no clipping required.
Color: Various.

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