Cancer in Cats

Cancer in Cats
It's always tough for owners to see their cat suffer. A cancer has a cause and many studies are being conducted these days to find out what are the causes of cancer in cats. The most suspected causes at the moment are mostly diet, vaccine related and environmental. Also, drugs used in the treatment of autoimmune diseases are suspected to cause cancer in cats as well because these drugs are metabolized in the liver into cancerous pathogens agents.

Three conventional treatments are mostly used to fight cancer in cats: chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Radiation and chemotherapy are usually effective, but have nasty side effects. Surgery isn't an option for all cases, especially if the cancer is diagnosed late - in this case, using surgery is useless.

Alternative approaches and natural medicine tend to say that traditional drugs are only treating symptoms while they don't really assess the principal cause of cancer in cats: an immune system that has been weakened. Alternative medicine promotes the idea that better healing comes from within. Not only these holistic approaches treat the actual cancer, they also treat the cat completely by stimulating internal healing and recharging the animal.
We now know that the no.1 killer of cats is cancer. The need to understand the environmental pathogens and internal agents that cause cancer in cats has to continue. Measures need to be taken by cat owners to make their environment non-favorable to carcinogens and it all starts with the cat's diet. Homeopathic cancer treatments in cats and alternative approaches insist on natural diets.
One of the most important substance to prevent cancer in cats is Omega3 fatty acids. They stimulate the immune system and are known to help fighting the growth of tumors. The amino acid Arginine is also essential for cats - they absolutely need to get it from what they eat. The cat's immune system is greatly enhanced by arginine intake because it stimulates T-cells and also help inhibe tumor growth.