Dog pneumonia symptoms

Symptoms of dog pneumonia

A wide variety of bacteria can infect the lungs. Anaerobes may be present as part of a mixed infection, particularly in dogs with aspiration pneumonia or lung lobe consolidation. Mycoplasma spp. have been isolated from dogs with pneumonia.

The causes and symptoms of pneumonia in dogs are decreased clearance of normally inhaled debris from the lungs, immunosuppression from drugs, malnutrition, stress, dyskinesia, endocrinopathies, viral infections, aspiration of ingestal material or gastric contents and fungal or parasitic infections.

In most cases of dog pneumonia, bacteria enter via the airways, causing bronchopneumonia primarily in the cranial and ventral lobes. Hematogenous spread usually causes pneumonia with a caudal of diffuse pattern and marked interstitial involvement. Dogs with bacterial pneumonia are presented for respiratory signs, systemic signs or both. Respiratory signs can include cough (usually productive and soft), bilateral mucopurulent nasal discharge, execise intolerance, and respiratory distress.

Diagnosis is based on complete blood count, thoracic radiographs and tracheal wash cytology and culture. A finding of neutrophilic leukocytosis with a left shift, neutropenia with a degenerative left shift, or moderate to marked neutrophil toxicity is supportive of bacterial pneumonia in dogs. However, a normal or stress leukogram is ust as likely to be found.

Abnormal radiographic patterns vary. An alveolar pattern is typical, possibly with consolidation that is most severe in the dependent lobes. In most cases tracheal wash is sufficient for diagnosis of pneumonia in dogs. Septic neutrophilic inflammation is seen, and growth on bacterial culture is expected. Further diagnostic tests (e.g., bronchoscopy, conunctival scrapings for distemper virus, serology for fungal infections, hormonal assays for hyperadrenocorticism) are sometimes indicated. We also recommend this natural balanced real-meat dog food and natural dietary supplement for recovery.

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