Symptoms of dog in heat - Dog in heat signs

Dog on heat signs
The dog heat symptoms occur when bitches are attractive to male dogs. The term "heat" is used by dog owners to describe the summation of pro-oestrus and oestrus. There is no specific lay terminology for the rest of the oestrus cycle of the bitch. Signs of a dog in heat start approximately 9 days of pro-oestrus.

The frequency of dog heat symptoms is primarily determined by the length of anoestrus, which varies from bitch to bitch. The normal inter-oestrus interval is 5-10 months. However, breed variability can be striking, e.g., German Shepherds commonly have an inter-oestrus period of 4-4.5 months and African breeds, such as the Basenji, cycle only once per year.

Dog mating occurs when the bitch is in oestrus. Before mounting a bitch, the dog may go through a relatively prolonged courtship procedure, but often the male will simply briefly apply its tongue on the female dog genitals before mounting. As a result of this attention, the bitch will usually stand firmly with its tail held to one side exposing its vulva.

Penetration in the dog is achieved without erection because of the presence of the os penis. However, once inside the female dog, engorgement of the bulbus glandis occurs and this is accompanied by strong thrusting movements. This results in the ejaculation of the prostatic fluid. Once pelvic thrusting ends, the male will dismount and, and, by lifting one hind leg over the bitch, end up tied to tail to tail to the bitch, locked by the engorged bulbus that makes separation difficult. During the "tie", seminal fluids continue to disperse and this second part is fertile rich.

Many female dogs become pregnant after the briefest of intromissions. The tie can last anything from 5-60 minutes (average 20 minutes) and during this time, the dog and bitch may drag each other around. The tie finally breaks quite spontaneously and some seminal fluid may be seen draining from the female dog's genitals.

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