Pet meds online: Allergy

Does your pet have allergies? Does he itch a lot? Many essential nutrients have to be added to your pets diet as the animal is itself not capable of producing them. One such group is those known as Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). When dogs or cats are lacking EFA this can cause problems such as dry, itchy or scaly skin, resulting in the associated problems. Here's a list of the best available online pet meds to treat allergies:

Coatex Capsules
Easy to administer, soft gel capsules containing high levels of essential fatty acids to help maintain healthy skin and coat condition in dogs and cats.

Coatex Liquid Pump
A balanced blend of essential oils that have been identified as being essential for maintaining a healthy skin and coat condition in dogs and cats.

For dogs and cats with skin problems - Essential fatty acids are necessary for the development and maintenance of healthy skin and coat in dogs and cats.

Efavet Regular 550mg
Recommended for the maintenance of skin conditions in dogs and cats.

For the treatment of sensitive skin in dogs & cats. Completely soap free and pleasantly scented.

Forever Bee Pollen
Direct from the hive, this is an excellent way of priming the body to combact allergies, as well as being a superb energy supplement before or after an exercise period.

The medication is disguised within the treat by inserting the tablet into its centre and moulding the Vivitreat around it until completely enclosed

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