How to choose the right dog breed: The Boxer

If you are in the market for a good family dog but place a high priority on territorial protection, the Boxer might fill this role quite nicely. This is especially true if you're concerned about the high agression rankings of guard dogs like Akitas, Dobermans, and Rottweilers but still want a dog that comes across as meaning business to intruders. The Boxer also ranks lower on destructiveness than the breeds that are typical guard dogs.

The behavioral profile of the Boxer is moderate in all its traits - not too reactive (it as been used as a guide dog), not too sluggish, not terribly aggressive-but no pushover, either. With its average overall rank on obedience training, you should be able to shape the behavior of your Boxer to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Gender selection gives you the option of some flexibility on aggression and trainability. By choosing a female, you can expect to enhance trainability, with some lessening of all the aggressive elements, including territorial guarding. By choosing a male, you can expect stronger territorial defense but a greater tendency toward dominance and less enthusiasm for being trained. The Boxer's moderate level of playfulness is also fairly unusual for a breed with some watchdog capacity.

The Boxer:

Weight: 70 lbs
Height: 23 in.
Build: Solid.
Coat: Short, smooth.
Color: Fawn or brindle with white.

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